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Consumers are becoming extremely picky about the apps they download and install. Now more than ever they expect a valuable, personalised, immersive experience. Anything less and users will decide their time is better spent elsewhere. App abandonment and churn are real:

  • 21% of users abandon an app after their first use
  • 71% percent of global mobile users delete apps 3 months after download.

It’s critical that you have a marketing plan to optimise your app downloads and engagement. From a rich content strategy to personalised messaging we’ll guide you through what your consumers need and how you can effectively aquire, retain and optimise your app experience. 

< Step 1 >

< Discovery >

Too many businesses waste time, resources and budget on channels, tactics and tech without a solid understanding of what’s working, and what you could eliminate. 

During our Digital Discovery we’ll uncover your needs, challenges, and desired results. We analyse your data, competitors, marketing activities and channels to build our understanding of your digital landscape and internal capabilities. 

 We ask all the right questions to identify growth opportunities and ROI: 

  • How are your current marketing efforts delivering for your customers? 
  • Are you optimising every opportunity in your martech stack? (Hubspot, Braze)
  • Could you drive better results from your current creatives, messages and approach?
  • Are there opportunities to reduce costs and optimise performance across your channel mix? 
  • Are your teams equipped with the latest up-to-date knowledge and skills to succeed?
  • Are there new digital opportunities you could be adopting to stay ahead?

< Step 2 >

< Deep Dive >

< Immersive digital consulting session >

The Digital Deep Dive is a ½ day immersive digital consulting session led by us. 

Part master-class and part workshop, we combine upskilling with instant application to your live business issues, to ensure time (and budget) invested delivers tangible results. 

We’ll take you under the hood of your marketing efforts showing you the tactics and strategies that can help you achieve the attention and objectives your business deserves.

The ½ day will be filled with best knowledge, insights, workshops, exercises, and conversations in all the areas in which we’re experts. 

Sessions include a collection of deep dives into Building Brand, Content Strategy, App Strategy, Platform and Paid Strategy, Martech, Mindset Teams & Resources and more.

< About Us >

< We are trusted by the best >

< Why Us >

We’re trusted by the best. Over the years we’ve built a rock-solid reputation by helping top Australian (and Global) brands, such as NAB, Danone, Kmart Westfield and General Assembly tackle some of today’s biggest marketing challenges and drive digital growth. 

Practioners through and through, we’ve worked on the front lines of marketing (agency and in-house) and education for over 20 years and have held leadership positions worldwide. Today, we work with marketers, agencies and in-house teams advising them on how to rise above the noise, join the dots and stay relevant in a fast moving and ever changing marketing sector. 

As members of General Assembly’s Distinguished Faculty program, we’re recognised as the top 1% of a Global network of over 20,000 instructors. With an NPS average of 88, we’re right up there with Apple for quality and satisfaction!

< Business Impact >

< Implementation and Return on Investment >

To give you an idea, previous sessions have produced: 

Increased conversions – fresh perspectives on opportunities to gain market share, serve your audience better and drive conversions through effective messaging, customer journeys and processes.

Cost savings – data-driven insights for optimising spend and generating greater ROI either from direct channel investment or agency partner spend. 

Performance improvement – upskill teams with in-depth understanding of current and developing digital strategies and provide thought leadership on best practice.

Business growth –  industry insights and strategy to develop a “getting-it-done” action plan for sustainable revenue growth.  

< Investment >

Investment:  $3895 + GST

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