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We offer a flexible approach to the right amount of ongoing strategic support for you and your team. From follow-up ad-hoc workshops to ongoing coaching and mentoring – we will work as a partner to continually upskill and align your teams.

On-demand digital marketing expertise – access to the latest, best practice thinking and strategies at a fraction of the cost of paying for your own Head of Digital Marketing

A mentor and coach who will work as a partner to transfer knowledge and upskill and align your teams. Oversee and guide your teams success – implement the latest best practice and effective channel approaches for profit – across search, social, email and your website. 

Lower cost when compared with hiring internal expertise or agency partners. You only pay for the time you need and there are no overheads or additional employee costs to consider.

In person or online – We can bring our consulting to you face to face on a fixed schedule or tap into our expertise anytime you like via our interactive Zoom coaching calls. 


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Essentials package (1 day per month)

Hours can be split to suit you best eg. 2 x ½ days in-person per fortnight

 or ½ day in-person, remote ad-hoc support. 

Ad-hoc day rate: $2360 + GST 


Consistency delivers results and traction. 

3 month commitment = $6372 + GST 

6 month commitment = $12,390 + GST 


Light package (½ day per month) 

½ day in person* or 1 hour per week (remote via Zoom). 

Ad-hoc ½ day rate -= $1296 + GST 

3 month commitment = $3499 + GST 

6 month commitment = $6842 + GST 

*½ day minimum commitment for in-person sessions. 

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