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< Marketing challenges, needs & goals: >

Lead the digital strategy for achieving revenue growth, in a flattening economy, with reduced budgets. 

Following a recent shift from agency partners to in-house, your internal marketing team is now your greatest asset for driving digital growth. They need the skills to capture the attention of the right audience, and the tactics and channels, to nurture every individual through their journey, towards conversion. The stronger your marketing team’s capabilities, the stronger your digital strategy and the stronger your business results.

Focusing on your monthly event ticketing, our industry-leading audit and training program will bring clarity, direction and insights, up-skilling your team so they can focus on the highest impact opportunities to improve online performance, drive growth and deliver ROI. 

< Step 1 >

< Discovery >

< Digital Audit >

Analysing, auditing and planning are critical to – and the foundation of – a successful digital and marketing strategy. Too many businesses waste time, resources and budget on channels and tactics without a solid understanding of what’s working, and what you could eliminate. 

Our results-driven audits explore the effectiveness of your event-ticketing marketing strategies and channels and help you scale for success. We ask all the right questions to optimise your ROI and customer conversions: 

  • Are you optimising every digital opportunity in your marketing mix? 
  • Could you drive better results from your current creatives and approach?
  • Are there opportunities to reduce costs and optimise performance? 
  • Are your teams equipped with the latest up-to-date knowledge and skills to succeed?
  • Are there new digital opportunities you could be adopting to stay ahead?

We analyse your data, competitors, marketing activities and channels to build our understanding of your digital landscape and internal capabilities. 

The strategy and insights we provide will show your current state, opportunities, and how to get there; including tactics, a personalised action plan and what to measure to know your efforts are working. 

Elements of Your Digital Audit:

Your company and challenges are unique—your digital marketing strategy will be too. While building your audit from the ground up, here’s some elements we’ll include:

  • A review of customer personas being targeted for events.
  • Customer journey mapping – from awareness to conversion (ticket sales).
  • Insights into the consistency of your brand and content strategy for ticketed events.
  • Audit and best practice for the channels used in your ticket sales strategy (Website, SEO, SEM, email and social media)
  • Core KPIs & metrics to track and how you’re benchmarking against wider industry performance

< Step 2 >

< Training, planning and strategy workshop >

< Delivery >

Format: 1 day workshop 10-4pm (1 hour lunchbreak) 

Objective: Better marketers. Stronger strategy. Bigger Results. Sharing knowledge and insights, upskilling your team and developing an optimised digital strategy for growth in monthly ticket sales. 

Location: in person

Attendees: TBC 

Facilitator: Catherine or Stephen Toms

Our planning and strategy workshops combine formal training with instant application to your live business issues, to ensure time (and budget) invested delivers tangible results. To give you an idea, previous sessions have produced: 

A full digital marketing audit – benchmarking efforts against the latest expertise and best practice, channel by channel recommendations for performance improvement.

Develop tailored digital strategy – map out the right channel-by-channel strategy and a plan to meet your goals and deliver impactful campaigns and sales growth.  

Increased conversions – fresh perspectives on opportunities to gain market share, serve your audience better and drive conversions through effective messaging, customer journeys and processes.

Cost savings – data-driven insights for optimising spend and generating greater ROI either from direct channel investment or previous agency partner spend. 

Performance improvement – upskill teams with in-depth understanding of current and developing digital strategies and provide thought leadership on best practice.

Business growth –  industry insights and strategy to develop a personalised action plan for sustainable revenue growth in event ticket sales.

< Return on Investment >

< Measuring Impact >

We use Kirkpatrick’s Evaluation Model to demonstrate the value and ROI of your investment. 

What did your team learn? To track progress against our agreed outcomes, we conduct surveys with participants to measure how well they comprehend the new skills and concepts we introduce them to.

Did their behaviour change? To ensure our programs result in a change in mindset, activities and results, we schedule check-in’s with your team 14 days after the completion of a program. 

What is the impact on the business? We will define key metrics and KPI’s in our session to track for measurable impact and can work with you on an ongoing basis to audit performance and assess the impact of new tactics, strategy, goals and initiatives that were defined during training.

< Why Us >

We’re trusted by the best. Over the years we’ve built a rock-solid reputation by helping top Australian (and Global) brands tackle some of today’s biggest marketing challenges and drive digital growth. 

Practioners through and through, we’ve worked on the front lines of marketing (agency and in-house) and education for over 20 years and have held leadership positions worldwide. Today, we work with marketers, agencies and in-house teams advising them on how to rise above the noise, join the dots and make sense of the fast moving and ever changing marketing sector. 

As members of General Assembly Distinguished Faculty program, we led the development of the latest global Digital Marketing Immersive curriculum and have been recognised as the top 1% best instructors in a worldwide network of over 20,000. 

< Investment >

Digital Audit + 1 day face to face custom training onsite 

Quote: $3965.00 + GST

< What Next >

< On Demand Digital Strategist >

We offer a flexible approach to the right amount of ongoing strategic support for you and your team. From follow-up ad-hoc workshops to ongoing coaching and mentoring – we will work as a partner to continually upskill and align your teams.

On-demand digital marketing expertise – access to the latest, best practice thinking and strategies at a fraction of the cost of paying for your own Head of Digital Marketing

A mentor and coach who will work as a partner to transfer knowledge and upskill and align your teams.

Oversee and guide your teams success – implement the latest best practice and effective channel approaches for profit – across search, social, email and your website. 

Lower cost when compared with hiring internal expertise or agency partners. You only pay for the time you need and there are no overheads or additional employee costs to consider.

In person or online – We can bring our consulting to you face to face on a fixed schedule or tap into our expertise anytime you like via our interactive Zoom coaching calls. 


< On demand digital strategist: >

Essentials package (1 day per month)

Hours can be split to suit you best eg. 2 x ½ days in-person per fortnight

 or ½ day in-person, remote ad-hoc support. 

Ad-hoc day rate: $2360 + GST 


Consistency delivers results and traction. 

3 month commitment = $6372 + GST 

6 month commitment = $12,390 + GST 


Light package (½ day per month) 

½ day in person* or 1 hour per week (remote via Zoom). 

Ad-hoc ½ day rate -= $1296 + GST 

3 month commitment = $3499 + GST 

6 month commitment = $6842 + GST 

*½ day minimum commitment for in-person sessions. 

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