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Building a reputation on delivering

Working with some of Australia’s biggest brands we train, coach and reinvigorate marketing teams so that they can reach their full online potential.


Super-practical and hands-on this program was designed to reinvigorate and refresh 20+ marketers to go deeper into digital and drive more value from their external agencies.

Over 5-days of interactive sessions, teams worked together to craft a digital strategy for an upcoming seasonal campaign. We got such a kick out of watching this talented bunch learn and grow and seeing all fresh ideas, skills and approaches come together in real-life projects.


This team were seeking a fresh pair of eyes on their current digital marketing strategies and industry-expertise and guidance on their longer-term roadmap to success.

Through a series of ½ and full-day workshops, we worked together on mapping out an in-depth digital marketing framework and a path to achieving it.

And to make sure they’re supported every step of the way we’re providing ongoing consultancy on their digital marketing, positioning, and efforts.


The goal of this ½ day workshop was to upskill and empower the National Marketing Team with the latest Digital Marketing best practice tips, tools and tactics.

We designed an interactive workshop and simple how-to-guides for mastering the online essentials; search, social and websites.

Armed with ready-to-use takeaways the team are now equipped with the clarity, confidence and resources to help local tennis clubs thrive online.


As lead instructors, we’re trusted to deliver popular in-person and remote classes to hundred’s of students across Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Singapore.

Whether we’re hitting the ground with a 1-week intensive boot camp, leading the charge on creating new course formats or delivering a bespoke in-house corporate training program – we love developing the next generation of digital marketers with General Assembly.

We’re seriously proud of our consistently positive feedback and super-pumped to hit the perfect 100 NPS score on student satisfaction for our courses.


One of Melbourne’s top inbound marketing agencies, Social Garden, brought us onboard to upskill and educate their largest education client.

Acting as a trusted and impartial advisor, we created a ½ day introductory workshop to the world of digital marketing. We took the team through the essential foundations and armed them with the tools, tactics and know-how to make the most of their efforts.

And now? They’re all on the same page with their digital marketing strategy and goals.

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